Happy New Running Year! – January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to the new decade!

I can’t believe it is January already! The past couple of months seem to have flown by and I have been totally surprised by the weather! I was expecting to need to train in snow and ice constantly, but I think I have had 1 frosty Parkrun and one total down pour 10k (more on that shortly) and that’s been it! The rest have been really pleasant! Perfect training weather!

Since my last update I have been actively following a new training plan as not only am I training for the Kilomathon next year, but I am also training for the London Marathon. So, I’m now running 4 times a week and doing a Personal Training session weekly too. It’s INTENSE! I’ve never done this amount of exercise in my life, but you know what…I’m actually loving it! 

I’ve also been upping my number of Parkruns recently. I have been to Portobello Parkrun a few times over the winter as well as Aberdeen & Dundee on Christmas Day (Yes…I did a Parkrun on Christmas Day…I’m not really sure who I am any more haha but it did make my turkey taste even better!).

I really enjoy Parkrun. If you’ve never tried it or heard of it, it is a free 5k run every Saturday across hundreds of locations not just in the UK but around the globe. It’s a great way to start your weekend, meet new people and improve your running and fitness. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little boost and motivation to get out running! All levels welcome!

PHOTO: ANNIE & FRIENDS ENJOYING A RUNI also participated in the Edinburgh Christmas 10k around Inverleith Park. Not only did my running buddy and I miss the starting gun as we were too busy chatting in the toilet but it was also the craziest weather of the year with torrential rain & gusty winds meaning the majority of the time I was running with my head down and eyes closed. Totally worth it for a medal though right?

My plans for the next month are to continue my Marathon Training plan but also to work on my speed for the Kilomathon. I feel comfortable that I can run the distance, but my personal goal is to run the Kilomathon faster than I did the last time so hopefully I can get working on that this month!

I hope you have all had an amazing festive season and aren’t feeling the January blues. Fingers crossed this perfect weather continues for our training and we can go smash our goals!

Annie’s top training tips

Stick to your plan. That includes resting! – I’ve found that since starting my new training plan I sometimes feel like I want to run more or run further than it tells me but after trying that for a week, I’ve realised the importance of a rest day. You need to let your body stretch and recover so watch you don’t over train!

Get good shoes – I’ve had some niggles with my hip recently but since getting new running shoes it has been so much better! Proper running shoes that fit your running style won’t help you run further or faster, but they will help prevent injury.

Listen to your body – it’s the season of colds & flus. If you’re struggling, listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. You’ll only make yourself worse if you push through. Wait until you feel a bit stronger and then go for it!!

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