Gillian Wells – Blog – January ‘20

It’s a New Year! Often or not people start a new year with new goals, however this winter I have had to continue and maintain my progress towards a goal, not an easy task over the most busy and indulgent time of year.

Christmas was fantastic, all of us and our extended family had a great time and I even managed to stick to my running despite not depriving myself of chocolate and wine when we had family and friends visiting.

It’s really important to remember our social and mental fitness whilst taking care of our physical fitness. For a good mental I always try to have a good night’s sleep (not something we’ve been having lately with the youngest, but it’s slowly improving), a focus, reflection time, downtime and connecting time whether it’s alone or with family/friends. Christmas was the perfect time to take care of this!

I’m really lucky that my other half has the holidays off so I found it a lot easier to get the time to venture out of this house this time instead of being chained to the treadmill……which really helped when we’d been very busy and I needed sometime to myself OR if the kids were coming down of their sugar high!!

The kids have been such a fantastic support and I love that they can see Mummy being fit and strong, I think it’s such an important lesson to teach them and what better way than showing them yourself! Like most busy parents I definitely felt a little jaded coming into the new year and I started to crave the routine, however now that my husband is back at work, the bigger kids are at school and the little one in her own usual routine I am finally feeling back on track and ready to up the training.

HIIT classes have started again and I am making more time to complete some strength work at home during little ones nap time, leaving the running to the evening with my head torch. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on my pace and keeping the miles high at the weekend. I’ll keep you updated weekly with my progress and how I plan to leap into Spring, ready to take on the Kilomathon!!