Birthday Month  – March 2020

What a blustery month February has been – hope you’ve all not been blown away by the multiple storms!

I turned 30 at the start of the month, so as well as competing with the wind to get my training in, I’ve also had so many parties and treat days, but I am definitely not complaining! It was the best birthday ever!

My friends and family have been so supportive of all my training. So supportive in fact that they joined me for the Winter 5k Race around Arthur’s Seat on my birthday. It was wet and windy, but we had so much fun and it was good to get a bit of hill training in!

I’ve changed my training up a bit this month with more focus on speed. I’ve been doing some treadmill intervals to avoid the horrible weather and I also tried out the Race Ready Run Club that is hosted every Tuesday at Run4It. It made such a difference doing intervals with a group. I struggle to keep myself motivated to do these sorts of things on my own, so it was great to have that support and encouragement. 

I’ve definitely started noticing a difference in my speed with a couple of ParkRun PBs recently so I’m hoping if I continue with the interval training I’ll be on track for my PB goal at the Kilomathon! I can’t believe it is next month! It’s came around so quickly!

With 1 month to go, I want to continue to work on my speed & stamina so the interval sessions will be continuing. I’ve been training with gels for longer distances so I think I might take one with me to have at the halfway point to give me an energy boost. I usually only take gels when running a half marathon, but I have noticed that after 7-8k I start losing energy so I’m going to give that a go this year.

Also, most importantly…I need to plan my race day outfit! Gotta look the part right?! It might sound odd, but if I feel I look the part it really gives me a confidence boost before a race. It’s like putting on a uniform.

Good luck with your training over the next 4 weeks – we are almost there so let’s power through! The lap of honour & medal are almost ours! Let’s do this!

Annie’s Top Training Tips

Here are some of my top training tips & learnings from the last month:

1) Intervals are good – although they might not seem like fun at the time, they are totally worth it in the long run. Plus, you can decide how long you want to do them.

2) Don’t be too hard on yourself – I had a bad run this month. It was wet and windy and I fell down a hill in the middle of nowhere. I felt like a total failure when I just didn’t have the energy to carry on. After some tears (ok, a lot of tears) I decided to put it all behind me and just focus on the next run and not dwell on the past. It was the best approach! Remember: The Comeback is always stronger than the setback!

3) Plan your race day outfit – I don’t just want to look and feel the part (although for race photos, I totally want to!) but it’s important you try out your race outfit before race day. There’s nothing worse than setting off on race day after putting in all the training and spending most of the race constantly pulling up leggings or crying in pain at some awful chaffing burns! Practice makes perfect!