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It’s late Autumn!

As a runner, that means the days are shorter, colder and the mornings and evenings are darker. Every one of these factors make it super hard to find the motivation to leave our warm, snug and cosy homes when we’ve finished a long day of work or being Mum at home.

What better way to keep yourself motivated than with a New Year, post winter goal – the Kilomathon 2020!

Goals make a massive difference to my motivation, particularly when this season is less inviting outdoors. I’ll break my goal into lots of little short-term goals so that I get a little buzz each time I tick one off and head on to the next. I’m delighted to have been selected as an ambassador for the Kilomathon 2020, so much so that I’ve started my training already.

Photo: Gillian celebrating with her 3 children after completing the Edinburgh Half Marathon

As a working Mum of three young girls and a very busy husband, I also find running a little piece of ‘sanity’ for me. Yes, I like to get into my training and work on tempo, interval and endurance runs, but sometimes it’s just about me, getting out alone and clearing my head. That can often be my ‘get over the door’ card.

I’m in the fortunate position that I don’t have to work every day and so on the days that our littlest lady naps, and the others are at school, I will go into the garage and get onto the treadmill for a quick 30 minutes with a small incline to keep me focused. I also find it gives me a boost of productivity going into the afternoon when coffee cravings kick in, dinner needs prepped, school runs need done, homework, the witching hour…….etc!

Photo: Gillian with her youngest post-race

On other days, in-between rest or to stay out of the rain, I make a space in the lounge and do some strength work to help with the running. 

It doesn’t have to be much, a couple of dumbbells, a kettle bell and maybe a stability ball. Don’t have any? Body weight is just as effective. Any exercises that work my core and glutes to help with the technique and form and make me less likely to get an injury when I’m out and about. Functional exercises are always a winner for me as they help me day in day out, lifting shopping, carrying children, hoovering, making beds….the list is endless, right?!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be training out/indoors and will keep you updated with my progress and how I plan to keep warm and motivated as we head into wonderful Winter!!

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Annie Scott – Blog 1


Hello! I’m Annie and I am over the moon to be a Kilomathon Ambassador!

Being an Ambassador for this great event really does mean a lot to me as my running journey started in 2016 and the Kilomathon was my very first goal! 

I had just been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (a form of Bowel Disease) and my way of coping with it was to fundraise and feel like I was actively doing something to help. I chose the Kilomathon as my goal as the distance was just that little bit further than a 10k and I wanted to push myself as much as I could. Not to mention…the medal looked awesome and the finish line was in Murrayfield Stadium – what was not to love?! 

I remember that feeling of absolute joy running over that finish line –literally like a superstar! I was so so proud of what I had achieved. 

I didn’t run again after that for about a year, mainly as I was coming to terms with my illness and trying to find a way to manage my symptoms but one day my best friend Lauren asked if I wanted to do some fundraising with her and that was when Project 2girls12goals was born. 

We agreed to run 1 race a month for a whole year to raise money and awareness for Crohn’s & Colitis UK, SAMH & Cancer Research UK. It was a mammoth challenge but we smashed it. We ended up doing way more than 12 races and raised an incredible £5000. The Kilomathon was of course our April race and it was the perfect distance for us between a 10k and a half marathon.

Photo: Annie and best friend Lauren at the Kilomathon finish line in 2017

Now, I run for fun! I use it to escape from daily life and to catch up with friends. I’ve also found that running really helps me judge how my illness is behaving and now have little things that I notice when a flare up might be happening and it allows me to plan and get the help I need in advance.

I really enjoy the Kilomathon and I’m excited to be running the race again in 2020 and see how much I have progressed (even if it is only a couple of seconds!).

So here are my Kilomathon 2020 goals:

  1. Gain a new Kilomathon PB (1:20:39 to beat)
  2. Get a good race photo (the struggle is real! I’ve no idea how some people manage to look sensational whilst running!)
  3. Enjoy it!

I can’t wait to share my journey with you all and get the training started! 

Photo: Annie enjoying a run in Edinburgh

If you’ve already signed up or if you are still toying with the idea here are my top tips to get you started and motivated for that start line! 

Annie’s Top Tips

For me, the hardest part is over… believing in yourself enough to have the confidence to sign up for the race in the first place. So anything from here on out will be an added bonus but here are some added tips to let you push yourself and enjoy it even more.

  • Find a running buddy – personally, I find running on my own can sometimes be a struggle. I really enjoy running with friends or with a run club as chatting along the way not only clears my mind after a long day but also makes the time pass a lot quicker
  • Mix it up – try different routes in training to keep your motivation and enjoyment high. Some of my favourite Edinburgh routes are along the canal or innocent railway.
  • Get a head torch – it’s starting to get dark super early so if you are going to be training in the evening, make sure you have a light and reflective clothing to stay safe and see where you’re going!

Want to stay in touch? Follow me on Instagram: @2girls12goals

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