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Ashley Husich
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Ndoro Children's Charities is an international charity dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children worldwide, with an initial focus on Zimbabwe. 

For more information about Ndoro CC please visit www.ndorocc.org.uk


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2022 Kilomathon Scotland
   - 2022 Kilomathon Scotland 13.1k >
   - 2022 Kilomathon Scotland 6.55k >
   - 2022 Mini Kilo Scotland 2.62k >
2021 Kilomathon Virtual Challenge
   - 2021 Kilomathon 26.2K Virtual Challenge >
   - 2021 Kilomathon 13.1K Virtual Challenge >
   - 2021 Kilomathon 6.5K Virtual Challenge >
   - 2021 Mini Kilomathon 2.62K Virtual Challenge >

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