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Welcome to Venture Trust! We'd love you to join our running teams, and to take part in an event on behalf of Venture Trust. 

Venture Trust's wilderness journeys

Venture Trust supports young people from chaotic and disadvantaged backgrounds, and helps them to make a successful transition to adulthood. Many of those we work with have been in care, are homeless, or are dealing with issues such as abuse or addiction.

 Our programmes give these young people the opportunity to develop new skills and capabilities -  by taking them out into the Scottish Highlands away from the influences, stresses and behaviours of their usual environment. The activities they take part in inspire, encourage and support participants to re-evaluate their lives, develop new skills, and return home armed with increased self awareness, self confidence and the life-skills to make their ambitions reality. 

Hear about us in our participant's own words....

 [Before Venture Trust] I was just sitting around, doing nothing.  Now, I’m at the volunteer centre, going out, cutting grass, painting folk’s houses, for people with disabilities.  I’d not thought about it before, but I just wanted to do something for the community. I love it, man.  You cannae beat it. I feel better in myself; I’m getting up earlier, getting out, doing something with my time, instead of sitting about, lazing about, doing nothing. My ambitions are to settle down, with a proper family and my own house.  A good job – even if that means going to lots of interviews – I want a good job, a steady job, not a dead end job. A job I can progress in. And I want to stay out of trouble – that’s a biggie.

We'd love for you to join our team, and make a difference to the lives of those who need it most. Find out more at www.venturetrust.org.uk, and get in touch with [email protected] or telephone 0131 228 7711 

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