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Laura Chaplin
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Hearing Link is an organisation which helps people with all levels of hearing loss throughout the UK adjust to and manage the practical, social and emotional day-to-day challenges that deafness can bring. We also help their families and friends adjust to new circumstances and give them an understanding of what living without sound entails.

..and we will support you every step of the way...

All our Bond Runners will receive:

  • Fab training T-shirt
  • Running vest with your name on it for the BIG DAY
  • Dedicated ‘runners’ Facebook page so our Hearing Link Runners can swap training tips and compare blister sizes!
  • Pack crammed full of fundraising advice and support from our fundraising team


Why run for Hearing Link?

 Ian and Francis Webster benefited from Hearing Link's rehabilitation programme


Ian Webster talks about the support he and his wife Frances got from Hearing Link's Rehabilitation Programmes for profoundly deafened people: 'Frances found the session on finger spelling and lipreading most enlightening, and we are now determined to learn finger spelling, and also teach our grandchildren.

I found it very helpful being able to talk to other hearing people and a counsellor about how deafness (as a hearing partner) can be so stressful. I realised that this was the first time I had received any help or advice whatsoever and the first time I was able to talk openly about the effect Frances’ hearing loss had had on myself.

What have we taken away from the programme? That being deaf should not be a stigma or an embarrassing problem. We need to educate and inform people – our doctors, bank staff, our friends - about deafness. They need to be made aware that because we are deaf we are not second class citizens and we are just as entitled to receive respect as hearing people.


Any Questions?
If you would like to know more about running for Hearing Link, we would love to hear from you! Please call Laura Chaplin on 0300 111 1113 or email [email protected]


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