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Run For BRAKE the road safety charity

Lisa Kendall

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Brake is a national charity dedicated to preventing road death and injury and caring for people bereaved or injured in road crashes.

Every day, 5 UK police officers have to break the news to 5 UK families, that their loved one has been killed in a road crash.
A further 100 families every day learn that their loved one has been seriously injured, with many suffering brain damage, paralysis or limb loss.

Our work includes educating different road users - from children and their parents, to young people learning to drive, to professional drivers - through resources, training and events.

We co-ordinate national Road Safety Week each November ( <> ) and provide free community training on different road safety topics, including  young driver safety,  

Our support division is the national provider of support for road crash victims - helping families whose lives have been devastated by a sudden death or serious injury. It offers emotional support and practical information through a helpline and through support literature that is handed out by police following every fatal road crash in the UK.

For more information visit our website or telephone Lisa Kendall on 01484 683294 or email [email protected]